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Why is Laughter the Best Medicine

Why is Laughter the Best Medicine

Maybe one of the oldest adages or expressions is “laughter is the best medicine,” and perhaps rightly so as this is backed up by science. Not only is it a tool for fighting stress, but research also shows that there are a whole lot more benefits of laughter.

Here are several findings and reasons that will make you embrace laughter therapy even more:

  1. Laughter releases endorphins

There are several studies that support why laughter is the best medicine, and it’s practically due to the fact that laughing, particularly with others, releases endorphins in the brain. These hormones are feel-good neurotransmitters, and research shows that laughing releases these via opioid receptors. Once a person’s mind has numerous opioid receptors, the more potent the effect. Laughter, to an extent, induces euphoria and gives a sense of happiness or calm.

  1. Laughter relaxes the body and boosts the immune system

A burst of hearty laughter relieves the body’s physical tension and relaxes the muscles. Stress hormones are also significantly decreased when you laugh. Apart from this, laughter increases cells for immunity and antibodies that fight infection. So most probably the next comedy show you watch or the comedy club you visit is the reason you are disease-resistant.

  1. Laughter helps burn calories and protects the heart

Although not a gym replacement, research has shown that around 40 calories can be burned when you laugh for 10 to 15 minutes. That’s as simple as watching a short comedy show. Also, laughing improves the blood flow in your body as well as the function of your blood vessels. This may eventually translate to protection against various cardiovascular problems and heart attacks.

  1. Social bonds are formed

The social bonds that laughter induces are contagious. Once endorphins are released, such as in social laughing, a sense of belongingness or togetherness is espoused. So even if you are not aware of what is funny or what other people in your group are laughing about, feelings of social bonds are released. The brain serves as a transmitter of the awesome feels via laughter, and because it is contagious, social relationships are formed.

  1. Laughter is crucial for relationships

According to research, women typically rate humor as one of the top 3 traits that they look for in a potential partner. On the other hand, males have the tendency to evaluate women who laugh a lot higher than those who do not. Couples who laugh together have also reported higher-quality relationships. Laughter therapy adds vitality and resilience to a relationship, and is, therefore, is one of the ways to strengthen and make it long-lasting.

  1.     Laughter is necessary for your mental health

Laughter is indeed the best medicine because it is a holistic way to improve overall health. Laughing prevents distressing emotions and increases energy. It enables you to stay more focused and be less stressed. Feelings of anxiety, anger, and sadness are also decreased when a person is laughing or accommodates humor. A humorous approach and perspective also help diffuse feelings of being overwhelmed.


How Laughing Makes You Healthier – What to Know

How Laughing Makes You Healthier – What to Know

Laughter is the best medicine. This saying is often thought to be an old cliche, but it’s still relevant for a reason: it’s true! In fact, science can prove it to you. Let’s face it—someone who laughs often and is always smiling looks like they are at peace compared to someone who looks like he attended five funerals in a row. After all, a person’s disposition can affect the way he does things. Compare these two people: a bright, lively person and sulky, ungrateful one. If both of them faced the same problem head-on, who do you think would have handled it better? We don’t even need to give an answer because the winner is clear!

Although it’s not the only method, laughter is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to change your life. Plus, there are health benefits associated with laughter.

Wondering how laughter can do your body some good? Keep reading!

Laughter Ensures Good Emotional Health

People encounter stressors from work, family, and the environment on a daily basis. The pressure can take a toll on their mental health, cornering them like a poisonous predator and shackling them into a dark void. Fortunately, there’s a cure: laughter!

When people have a lot of fun, they laugh and fill themselves with warm, happy emotions. When this happens, the brain triggers the release of hormones called dopamine, which gives people a sense of pleasure. Another hormone that gets released is called serotonin. Serotonin helps people feel at ease. Then, they can easily relax and enjoy themselves. The combination of the two creates a utopia-like feeling that helps alleviate stress and anxiety.

The next time you find yourself stuck with a task that overwhelms you, find something that can make you laugh hard enough to scare the stress and anxiety away. Remember—humor can help make people resilient to problems.

Laughing Strengthens Your Cardiovascular System and Lungs

Who would’ve thought that laughing could be an exercise? Humor is healing because your muscles are continuously contracting and relaxing as you laugh. When you begin to chuckle, your blood vessels start to expand because of the influx of air. The extra air holds more oxygen, so your body gets supplemented with an extra dose. These elevated oxygen levels can improve regeneration, mental clarity, immunity, and heart rate while reducing stress levels. In fact, there is a treatment called oxygen therapy used to treat people with low oxygen levels. The therapy helps to reduce symptoms such as headaches, irritability, swollen ankles, and fatigue.

As for your lungs, laughing fills your chest with fresh air. The stale air lingering is replaced with pure, clean air that’s rich in oxygen. The sudden intake of breath causes the alveoli to expand and take in all the essential oxygen for your body.

That said, it’s wise to surround yourself with people who are always laughing—they’re healthy! With the extra oxygen intake, you can face adversities head-on with a smile.

Are you looking for a good laugh? Now that you know how laughing makes you healthier, you would definitely look for ways to be happy. Try stand-up comedy. If you’re not sure where to look, visit Tampa’s favorite comedy club—Splitters Comedy—to laugh, smile, and have a good time!

Top 5 Reasons Performing Stand-Up Comedy Is Good for Everyone

Top 5 Reasons Performing Stand-Up Comedy Is Good for Everyone

Stand-up comedy does not have to be for expert comedians only. If that were the case, there wouldn’t be any newcomers in the comedy industry. Everyone needs to try making jokes in front of a crowd every once in a while. In fact, it’s good for people’s well-being to try something as fun and as exhilarating as performing at a comedy bar. Today, let us talk about the top 5 reasons performing stand-comedy is good for everyone.

Here are five of the top reasons how stand-up comedy is useful not just for professionals, but for everyone:

  • It’s a thrilling new experience
    Millennials love trying new things, such as hiking, backpacking abroad, or searching for exotic food. Performing in front of other people is an exciting new experience, too. Compared to other activities, it is quite a unique one, bringing out adrenaline that many people look for.
  • It brings out the confidence to talk in public
    Performing stand-up comedy is an exciting way to gain the confidence to talk in public. Unlike other public speaking venues, the environment in a comedy bar is laid-back and casual. The topics are informal and fun, too, which removes the pressure to talk like a pro. This gives the speaker the confidence to discuss whatever interests the group openly. The initial phases might seem patchy, but it’s easy to get the hang of it once the audience laughs. This is a great form of practice for anyone who wants to level up their public speaking skills.
  • It improves creativity and sharpens the wit
    Most people have day jobs that don’t let them explore their creativity. It is inspiring to be in the presence of fellow creative people that flock to comedy bars. It is also pretty challenging to form jokes and funny anecdotes and deliver them in a charismatic way. It brings out one’s creativity and sharpens one’s wit to come up with more lines to entertain the crowd. That said, it is an ideal exercise for aspiring writers or actors to get their creative juices flowing.
  • It’s a cool way to relieve stress
    Stand-up comedy is a quick escape from a monotonous life. Making jokes and seeing people laugh is contagious. It makes the comedian happy and relieved to see that other people appreciate their jokes. In a comedy bar, there are also many exciting people to meet. So, the overall experience is a great way to relieve stress and leave all worries behind.
  • It’s great for bonding with family and friends
    Performing a stand-up comedy is definitely a show to behold. It is an opportunity to invite one’s friends and family to watch the show. It’s more interesting to be the person who is the source of entertainment instead of simply watching a show together. Also, the fun atmosphere is a chance to bond with other people and share moments with them.


People must try the experience of performing stand-up at least once. Some people try performing stand-up and end up making it a hobby or even a career. Side Splitters Comedy is a premier comedy club that offers stand-up performances with national and homegrown comedy stars. We also hold open mic comedy shows where anyone is given a chance to take part in a fun and worthwhile experience. Do you agree with the top 5 reasons performing stand-comedy is good for everyone?

Why Comedy Is Funny to Some & Boring to Others – What to Know

Why Comedy Is Funny to Some & Boring to Others – What to Know

There is no science behind comedy. There isn’t an equation that explains what makes something funny. Instead, comedy is like art. Some will understand a piece of art, while others won’t. The same can be said about comedy. Why Comedy Is Funny to Some & Boring to Others? With that said, why do we find certain things funny and other things not? In this article, we’ll try our best to explain this phenomenon of laughter.

Comedy is just the opposite of tragedy. Where tragedy features characters that are important crashing down, comedy is where a lowly character climbs up the walks of life becoming successful.

1. The Outcome Was Expected

Sometimes, even when we know how an individual scenario will turn out, we will still laugh our lungs out because it happened. It doesn’t make sense, does it? We believe that funny-ness comes from something unexpected, yet, the opposite also happens. Maybe someone replies with something witty, or someone makes a mistake, all of which we knew would happen but still find to tickle our inner souls, causing us to burst out laughing. Perhaps, it is the buildup to the inevitable that we find funny.

Think of this: A woman walks out with her white jacket and looks at a bench, deciding that she needs to sit on it. Little does she know that the seat was freshly painted red. Do you know the outcome? Of course, you do. Some find this funny, while others just stare blankly, wondering what is there to laugh about.

2. The Outcome Was Unexpected

On the other end of the spectrum, we find things that are unexpected to be funny as well. Imagine this: a person with a white jacket is about to sit on a seat that was freshly painted red. What you were to expect is that the person sits on it, ruining the jacket, right? Wrong! A UFO lands on her.

While some may see this as a cringe moment, others will burst out laughing for the sheer ridiculousness and unexpectedness of the whole story.

3. The Story was Relatable

A lot of comedy comes from being relatable as well. When a comedian talks about his or her ordeal and exaggerates the situation, those who have been in his or her shoes will laugh, knowing they been through the same dilemma. For example, someone is pushing a stroller on top of a hill when suddenly someone calls for her. The moment the person turns away to talk with the person, the stroller starts to move by itself, down the hill.

Of course, that story would be relatable to some, meaning that only for them would it be funnier than to those who’ve never experienced such an event before.

4. The Story Was Unrelatable

Recall the stroller story we’ve mentioned. However, rather than the stroller starting to roll down the hill, it starts to float. Zoom out, and you see that there are a bunch of balloons attached to the stroller. Again, this is a form of expectation (in this case, the total opposite).

As you can tell, literally anything can cause anyone to laugh—from ridiculous stories to straight-up stories to stories that make zero sense. While we might never be able to fully explain why we laugh at certain things and cringe at others, we can sit back and laugh away at comedy shows, enjoying our time. I hope you learned why comedy is funny to some & boring to others. We’re a comedy club based in Tampa, Florida. Get in touch today to book your table.

5 Benefits of Going to Comedy Clubs – What to Know

5 Benefits of Going to Comedy Clubs – What to Know

People say that laughter is the best medicine as it is a form of release in this hectic world. Humor goes beyond being an amusing past-time as it integrates itself into your everyday existence: from sharing off-the-wall anecdotes or quipping self-deprecating jokes, comedy is everywhere. From side-splitting theatre performances to hilarious stand-up sketches, the reasons below explore how comedy clubs deliver better punchlines up close. Let’s talk about the 5 benefits of going to comedy clubs:

Benefit #1: Relieves Stress

Comedy is designed to keep people laughing as a stress-buster instead of giving in to the temptation of hitting people with sticks out of frustration. Jokes aside, satirical shows offer anxious-driven people a happier form of release from their negative emotions. Instead of releasing destructive behavior, comedy offers people a safe avenue to laugh in the face of problems. Not only that, but science approves using comedy as an effective mood lift as laughter reduces cortisol and makes more room for happy hormones to dominate your mind and body.

Benefit #2: Reduce Blood Pressure

A night’s worth of laughter at comedy clubs offers more than cathartic release as it has the uncanny ability to boost your heart and respiratory rate. Naturally, the body steadily decreases its heart and respiratory rate, which leads to lower blood pressure by the end of the show.

Benefit #3: Burns Calories and Relaxes Your Muscles

Getting up on your feet to drive to a comedy club may require more effort than watching your favorite skits on Netflix, but the thriving and colorful environment can enhance the experience in ways your small screen can never achieve on its own. With that in mind, the effort pays itself as attending a comedy show increases your oxygen flow and soothes muscle tension. This gives your aching body a break, all while burning up to 50 calories as laughter is believed to stimulate physical activity.

Benefit #4: Stimulates the Brain

While humor is meant to give people a break, it is no laughing matter as comedy clubs aim to engage your brain in a funny discourse. Comical skits can trigger your cognition, movement, and emotional perception, so viewing comedy shows make for quite a complex activity delivered in fun, bite-sized nuggets.

Benefit #5: Builds Relationships

Watching your go-to acts on YouTube or Netflix may be a fun way to end the night before hitting the sack, but going out of your way to attend a live show can create an unforgettable experience with friends and family. It can foster a stronger bond and create a fun-filled environment with people you care for, making it the perfect activity for dates, get-togethers, and hangouts.

In Conclusion

Comedy isn’t just made up of random slapsticks – it offers a fresh perspective on current issues and personal experiences in the form of a happy pill, making it easier for crowds to digest. It is also an excellent coping mechanism for stressed-out individuals. We’re a comedy club based in Tampa, Florida. Get in touch today to book your table. 

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