Out of all the different qualities that a person could have, one of the best traits that you could ever pick up is a sense of humor.At first, a sense of humor may not seem as much as any other trait. It doesn’t have the same “first impression” impact compared to good looks, the same level of job security of intelligence, or the utility of charisma. Yet, even if you don’t have any other traits, a sense of humor can still make you stand out. Here are 3 ways to grow your sense of humor.

The special part about having a sense of humor

A sense of humor is useful in more ways than simply cracking a joke. It can cure awkward situations, bring a little light into darkness, cheer anyone up, and it can even make anyone fall in love with you. The thing about having a sense of humor is that it puts you in a spot where you can create your environment instead of forcing you to conform as much as possible.

While there may be many different ways to describe how wonderful it can be to find fun in anything, the key takeaway of this unique trait is that it constantly shapes your worldview as long as you let it. Having a sense of humor essentially makes it easier to be happy, especially when you consider the fact that it’s much more free-flowing and low-maintenance than any other trait.

As wonderful as having a sense of humor really is, the only problem with it is that it can require some effort to bring it out because it doesn’t always come naturally. Once you learn how to cultivate your sense of humor, however, you can turn every situation to your advantage and make it much more tolerable, no matter how stressful it can get.

How to cultivate a sense of humor

If you don’t exactly have a naturally-occurring sense of humor, then there’s no need to worry. In this article, we have listed a few tips that can save you from accidentally triggering an awkward moment when trying to make people laugh:

1. Watch more comedy and stand-up shows

It is said that laughter is the best medicine, but watching a comedy or stand-up show that makes you and the entire audience laugh is an even better supplement for honing a sense of humor.

Reading, watching, listening, and experiencing anything that’s been designed, scripted, and planned to be funny will give you the exposure to start being funny as well. At first, it may seem a bit awkward to recall or replicate any humorous joke that you’ve heard in a skit, show, or track. Yet, with enough practice, you will become funny in no time!

2. Learn your limits and be aware of when you might be overdoing it

Humor is very much like cooking: every aspect or ingredient just has to be right amount— and the only way to get it right is by knowing what works, how often you can do, and change it. Put a little bit too much in your jokes and reactions, and it might seem forced. If you don’t put enough into your attempts to be funny, however, then you might end up falling short and lacking impact.

3. Hang out with other people that have a sense of humor

One of the best parts about a sense of humor is that it can be contagious if you’re exposed enough to it, especially if you’re around funny people on a daily basis.

The best types of people to hang out with so that you can gain a better sense of humor are people who can naturally crack a joke right off the top of their heads. After quite some time, you’ll notice that another person’s sense of humor will rub off on you, so make sure to surround yourself with humorous people as often as you can.

Final words

Having a sense of humor is one of the best personality traits you could possibly ever have as a person. It can make you the light of the room, help other people become happy, and uplift anyone even during the most trying of times. If you aren’t quite as funny as you’d like yourself to be, feel free to follow the 3 Ways to Grow Your Sense of Humor tips and try them out for yourself!  We’re a comedy club based in Tampa, Florida. Get in touch today to book your table.

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