Comedy in the Time of COVID. The world retreated into their homes either to quarantine in isolation or to spend the lockdown with their families. COVID-19 has had a tremendous impact not just in the United States but on the entire globe. The world may be reeling from the effects of COVID and the heat of the political scene. However, humor and comedy in the time of COVID are not entirely out of place either.

Coronavirus is severe, and the impact of the pandemic is surreal. So one can ask, is there a spot for COVID in the field of comedy? Can it be a source of comedic material, and should comedians even joke about it? Some believe that levity or fun has a place in a time of grave seriousness.

Global leaders, Karens, and quarantined youth on TikTok have trended throughout this year as sources of humor during the lockdown. Old stand-up comedies and funny videos have gained more traction and popularity to people in lockdown or quarantine. Although comedians and audiences are from diverse parts of the world, they have found common ground — humor as a coping mechanism in this time of uncertainty. On purpose or not, comedy has found its way into people’s lives now, more than ever.

Comedians have also used humor as a way to raise awareness and funds for the COVID-19 pandemic. Comics believe that levity in the time of fear and uncertainty is a great way to cope with the stress the epidemic brings.

People have engaged in various activities during the lockdown. Baking, gardening, and even comedy in the time of COVID are quite popular. But even if quarantines have slowly eased up, and visiting comedy clubs and places of socializing is more accessible than it was eight months ago, uncertainty, recession, and physical and mental health concerns are still on the rise.

How exactly does comedy help in such a difficult time?

Mental health issues have been reported to have risen significantly during the past eight months of the pandemic. Although seeking professional help is still the best way to go, know that laughter and humor ensure improved mental and emotional health.

Dopamine and serotonin in the brain are released when you see that funny stand-up comedy special or when a viral TikTok comedian is at it again. Dopamine gives an individual a sense of pleasure, and serotonin makes a person feel relaxed. Thanks to funny videos and comedians, that sense of glee helps alleviate anxiety and stress.

Apart from that is the fact that boisterous laughter helps your muscles contract and relax. The additional oxygen that enters your body increases mental clarity and immunity. When your blood vessels expand, thanks to new air influx, regeneration and reduced stress levels ensue.

The world has been stuck in their homes and gadgets in quarantine. Despite this, humor and comedy in the time of COVID are not entirely out of place. Comedy is a form of therapy, and laughter is a healthy exercise that is free of cost. Laughter will lower your stress and irritability too. And at the end of our day in quarantine, laughter is the only infection we need.

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