Side Splitters Comedy Club has been one of the pillars of the local Florida region since the first day it opened its doors. In addition to providing an amazing source of entertainment for local residents, the club also routinely raises money for important social causes in the region. With Thanksgiving coming up, Side Splitters Comedy Club knows that many people will be gathering with their family members and friends, and has partnered with Rahn Hortman to provide everyone with an opportunity to get a few laughs over the holidays while raising money for the Homeless Empowerment Program, one of the top nonprofit organizations in the region. Side Splitters Comedy Club promises everyone an opportunity to witness an entertaining set while also providing resources to one of the top organizations in the region.

Side Splitters Comedy Club Partners with the Homeless Empowerment Program

Side Splitters Comedy Club is proud to support the Homeless Empowerment Program, a registered 501c3 that has been supporting the local community for more than three decades. The main mission of the HEP is to provide resources to individuals, including veterans, with the clothing, food, and housing they need to live and support themselves. In addition to providing the necessities, the Homeless Empowerment Program also provides a wide variety of support systems that help people all over the community gain employment. The core values of the organization include integrity, cooperation, accountability, respect, and empathy. Put together, these terms form the phrase, I CARE.

The main goal of the organization is to break the cycle of homelessness. Unfortunately, there are far too many individuals and families who live life on the streets. This is particularly difficult for children. Programs supported by the Homeless Empowerment Program help clients secure permanent housing that is critical for helping people escape homelessness. 

A Set by Rahn Hortman: Donations for a Cause

Rahn Hortman is one of the most popular comedians in the country. He routinely tours around the country, performing in sets of all sizes. He is known for his creative, dry, and poignant humor, with an ability to craft jokes that just about anyone can relate to. He is one of the most experienced comedians in the region, and he frequently performs at Side Splitters Comedy Club to raise money for important causes. Now, he is generously donating his time to raise money for the Homeless Empowerment Program as well. His set is sure to leave a mark on the audience!

Side Splitters Comedy Club Is Always Looking for New Opportunities in the Community

Side Splitters Comedy Club is honored to raise money for such an amazing organization as the Homeless Empowerment Program. The popular comedy club is always looking for new opportunities in the area. Side Splitters Comedy Club is honored to be one of the most popular comedy clubs in the area and wants to give back to the community that has supported it for so long. Throughout the years, Side Splitters Comedy Club has consistently identified social organizations with key missions in the region and has donated resources to support them. This type of support would not be possible without the loyal, supportive, and passionate fans and supporters who come to the comedy club on a nightly basis. 

Rahn Hortman will be at Side Splitters Comedy Club on November 20th, so this is a great opportunity for everyone to get a few laughs while supporting an amazing organization, the HEP.

About Side Splitters Comedy Club

Side Splitters Comedy Club is a popular comedy club with locations in Tampa, FL and Wesley Chapel, FL. The club is a staple of the community and routinely hosts comedians from all over the country while raising money for important social causes. To learn more about Side Splitters Comedy Club, visit the website, follow the club on Instagram, and check out the Facebook page. Interested parties can also reach the club at (813) 960-1197, or via email at [email protected]. Don’t miss the event on November 20th!

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