Going on a first date can be a nerve-wracking yet exciting feeling, especially when you’ve been waiting for this moment for so long. Who knows, your date could be the one, your soulmate, your life partner. So blowing this chance of a lifetime is a big no-no. Make a great first impression by being on your best behavior, looking really great, and thinking long and hard about where you want to bring your date. Here are the benefits of comedy clubs for first dates.

Go ahead and buy two tickets at the nearest comedy club in town. You probably haven’t thought about it, but it will be a guaranteed date of a lifetime. Here are some reasons comedy shows are perfect for first dates:

Uniquely Unpredictable

If you have been to many first dates before, you know how predictable first-dates can be—candlelit dinner by the beach, walk in the park, rom-com movies—the cliches are endless. Wouldn’t it be nice if you can impress your date by showing how unique you are, interesting, and slightly quirky? And what better way to show your potential partner all those qualities by taking them to a comedy club? Even if the date does not turn out successful, at least it will be a memorable one.

It’s Fun

Laughter is the best medicine, and yes, it’s genuinely true. Who doesn’t like a good laugh? Comedy clubs normally have shows that run for more than an hour, and we are talking about professional comedy that is full of authentic hysterical laughs. 

Going to a comedy show is a lot more fun than spending on a bar and talking about random things. It is also a smart way of getting to know your date more without giving them the direct third-degree approach. Observing the reasons they laugh will give you a pretty good idea about who they are. Are they a dull pill, wild-sided, a prude, smart egg, a tea-bagger, or a libtard? Even if your date turned out to be not someone you expected it to be, you would still have happy memories of that night.

Helps You Bond Better

It’s normal for first dates to be rather awkward. At times, conversations can be difficult to find. Having your first date at a comedy show and dinner on the side can help to get rid of those awkward moments during the first few hours. Plus, laughter is also good for your emotional well-being and helps you bond with other people. So a first date full of joyous laughter is an amazing idea to create that bond with your potential partner.

Something to Talk About After

Whether the comedy show was a flop or a success, you will both have something to talk about on the way home. You will be able to reflect on how the comedian delivered his jokes, what you liked about the show, what you think could have been better, and so on. Comedy shows are a great conversation starter, plus the show will also let you figure out your date’s values, beliefs, and morals, which are all great factors into making a perfect match.

Comedy clubs are not usually on people’s list of date venues. However, bringing your potential partner to watch a comedy show on your first date can surely make an impression. If you are going on a first date and thinking where to go, check out Side Splitters Comedy! We’re a comedy bar based in Tampa, Florida. Get in touch today to book your table.

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