In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, many of the social events we previously loved attending have changed. Next time you visit a comedy club, there are going to be new normals and new rules in place. Here’s what you need to know about the future of comedy club events and what you can do to prepare as an audience member.

It Takes Time  

The first thing you need to realize about the effect COVID-19 has had on comedy clubs is that it’s going to take time for clubs to reopen. As comedy clubs begin to open again, you can expect to see many clubs doing limited-capacity shows. What this means is that it may be difficult to find tickets for all the shows you want to see, especially if you’re looking for tickets for a large group. With time, you can expect clubs to operate at full capacity again.

One great way to get out and enjoy a comedy club event as soon as possible is to follow Side Splitters Comedy Club on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Here you can find all the latest updates on upcoming shows, including where you can buy tickets before they’re all sold out. You can also check out our website for more information about Side Splitters and upcoming events.

Keeping Your Distance  

The CDC has presented a handful of guidelines for social gatherings, which includes people sitting at a safe distance of six feet apart. This is accomplished by limiting the capacity of shows and spacing tables out a little more. Keep in mind that tables are limited in terms of capacity, so you may need to spread out to two tables depending on how many people are in your group.

Overall, physical distancing has had little to no effect on social events aside from limiting the total capacity. If you’re lucky, you might get a little extra space between you and the obnoxious group who won’t shut up during the show.

Personal Protective Equipment  

Personal protective equipment (PPE) has been one of the highest priorities throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, and that’s not going to change anytime soon. The best way to prevent the spread of COVID-19 is to prevent the spread of droplets, which means wearing a mask when you’re in large groups.

While PPE won’t be required at comedy club events forever, it’s a good idea to bring a mask with you when you’re attending events. Wearing a mask can help protect you and others around you. Additionally, most comedy clubs will require you to wear a mask for some time. However, it’s also important to remember that things like air purifiers and regular cleaning and disinfecting are also protecting you.

Cleaning and Disinfecting  

With all the people cycling in and out of Side Splitters for each event, PPE isn’t enough. This is why we’ve also increased our efforts to keep the club clean in between events. After each event at Side Splitters Comedy Club, our staff cleans and disinfects the club to limit your risk of contracting COVID-19. By disinfecting surfaces, we ensure you have a safe and comfortable spot to enjoy the show.

Side Splitters Comedy Club has also been outfitted with an air purification system to help keep patrons and performers safe. Proper air purification helps remove airborne droplets that increase the risk of spreading COVID-19, so we installed a state-of-the-art system so you can enjoy your favorite comedians without worrying about getting sick.

Safely Enjoying Comedy Club Events  

As we continue to make strides in the fight against COVID-19, you can expect rules and regulations at comedy clubs and other social gathering spots to loosen a bit. As more people are vaccinated, what were once limited capacity shows will eventually return to full capacity shows. Of course, it’s still smart to follow CDC guidelines when it comes to protecting yourself against COVID-19, but you’ll be able to follow those guidelines while still enjoying your favorite social events. Comedy clubs are continuing to open up more and more as time goes on, with the hopes of fully opening soon. If you want to catch a show at Side Splitters Comedy Club but aren’t sure what to expect, you can always contact us to find out more about our efforts to keep you safe and what you need to do when you visit Side Splitters.

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